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Jack of all trades



It sounds simple, but it takes years to sharpen different skills so that you can freely express and communicate ideas, which can move people. The term actually comes from the music industry and is the newer definition for a musician who has mastered several instruments. For me, however, this term has moved in a different direction in recent years, considering music alone was no longer my only instrument. I have started to research and combine techniques as in manipulating different tools and programs to combine what has been so much simplified for us. This gave me the opportunity to enjoy new dimensions…

A new vision.

Progression is not a direction…
Progression is not an intention…
Only a natural flow can stand for and against it…
Experience the superiority in surrounding incidents…
Respect it in mutual understanding…
Spare a moment of self-reliant solitude…
Only the feeling of home can bring you a word of wisdom.
Accept the sensual and mesmerizing touch of life…
Do not build up… Build along…
The river of time is full of experiences, and it shall present you a path so true…


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Whether you’re looking to redesign your website or just need help with user experience; need printed materials like business cards, brochures, or posters; are undertaking a logo or identity rework; even if you’re just working on a Powerpoint presentation—I’m here to help. Makers, thinkers, explorers, creators and other businesses are all welcome.

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