• Category
  • Silkscreen print / Crowdfunding
  • 2017
  • Exhibited in
  • Mekan68 Wien

21st century myths of the Middle East revisualized | 7 handpulled screen prints inspired by the events of the last 20 years

Stories of those, who wandered through Anatolia & sailed the mediterranean sea- and those excluded and unknown.

Another Erdogan, possible? Another Syria? A different Arab Spring…

Perhaps a foolish expectation. Believe me it isn’t. You may want to ask «how?». Let me give you a hint:

Close your eyes. Reflect on what you have been exposed to in the news. Imagine all that has happened and bring the pictures you’ve seen back: bombs falling, children crying, thousands of men marching for the purpose of a false god… empty, barren desert, guns, weapons, innocent people translocated. Push yourself over the bordering limits of reality to imagine. Not bound to what is shown, not determined by someone else’s words. Imagine.

Idealize a new vision; slow enough to keep everything real, fast enough to move forward on the left wing of time.